Wednesday, March 7, 2018

m a r c h goals

One week into March and I'm just now getting around to this! Oops! It's been a KRAYZEE year so far! Things are different so instead of being "freed" up things just shifted so I've still been running a crazy MPH! All good things!

[march goals]

  • this is embarrassing but making sure my quiet time makes the the list is so important! I have not been diligent in making this a priority and I need to. I haven't set a specific goal other than say to make it a priority. I'll update at the end of the month.
  • watch what I'm eating and make a conscience effort to make healthy decisions.
  • do 15 workouts this month. 
  • complete the plank challenge app.
  • finish a project for a friend.
[verse of the month]

Psalm 51:12
Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit.

And just to recap January and February...

Cold days with the babe,

time with the #niecespieces, 

delayed Christmas celebration with the family, 

at home sushi with the sisters,

Valentine's day with the babe passing out valentines,

visits with grandpa at his new place,

taking Mamaw some daffodils, 

basketball games with these five, 

and going through my grandparent's house getting it ready to sell and finding gems like this! 

Happy March! 

Friday, February 16, 2018

hello, and how are you?

 Hey Y'all! 

It's been a while since I've done an introduction and "who am I" post. I thought I would jump on the opportunity to do so for the blog and participate and Kelly's Korner link up today! 

 For starters I'm AH! I'll be 28 next week. I am a lover of nature and plants and growing things! I crave fresh air and a yard project. I love lemon water, carnitas anything, fresh fruits and veggies, kombucha, and coconut cake! I would rather wander a sunflower field than a shopping mall! Finding good deals at a thrift store feels like a competition I have to win! 

I am the middle sister to a family of all girls! We five have been a close group since forever. These ladies are my best and closest friends and in any situation having them by my side is my best choice. Between my older two sisters I have 7 of the cutest and best humans to call me aunt! 

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I love my church and being involved in service teams and community groups. I like to volunteer. I love crafting and refurbishing things. I like to bake and make things in the kitchen in general and I may or may not make cookie dough just to eat it! =) I like to go but I enjoy staying in a catching up on my Netflix obsessions, Great British Baking Show and Call the Midwife!  

My heart beats for children and I have worked with them in some capacity for the past ten years. I worked for a Spanish church for a time after graduation and it became and immersion experience here in the states. I now use my Spanish to teach home school coops but desire to have God use it any way He chooses. I am currently praying through other options that would mean a job change but we will see how that goes!  

Lastly, I am a born again Christ follower daily reminded of my need for a Savior. I attend an Acts29 church plant here in Virginia. My current favorite resources are the ReadScripture App, the She Reads Truth website, and podcasts by Jamie Ivey, Journey Woman, and Tim Keller. I am enjoying reading The Insanity of God and Total Church right now.

Nice to meet you and glad you could join me!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

::2 0 1 8::

I set aside some time to pray for 2018 during the last few months of the year. I didn't have any direct or specific plans for the year but I knew putting it before the Father was by far a better plan than making any myself.

I didn't want it to become a year of rules and ticks on my list but I do function on orderliness and planning. The difference would be committing my plans to the Father first.

Here is the list of my 2018 goals!

y e a r l y
  1. memorize one book of the Bible
  2. purchase all my christmas gifts by October
  3. become CPR and First Aid certified 
  4. complete a year bullet journaling 

m o n t h l y
  1. stick to a strict budget to save money this year
  2. complete my February RAOK
  3. devote to praying through a passage of Scripture for the duration of the month

w e e k l y
  1. prepare for the coming week by writing a list of coming needs
  2. publish one blog post

For now, lets take a look through 2017. It was a year of growth for sure but I am so thankful for His grace that allows me to stand this side of it joyful and refreshed. 

j a n

  • Spent lots of time with my babes
  • and lots of time at basketball games
  • made lots of coffee and scooped lots of gelato

f e b

  • more time with my precious girl
  • more basketball! 
  • the birth of my sweet baby nephew number five! <3
  • projects with my grands
  • and my 27th birthday!

m a r
  • some hand lettering
  • some nephew birthday dates!
  • and time with nephew number four

a p r
  • dress shopping with my favorite student (which I can't say anymore!)
  • beautiful skies
  • more time with the grands
  • my baby's first birthday
  • fun with friends
  • and a beautiful wedding of my beautiful cousin!

m a y
  • some dress a day
  • some window sitting
  • graduation parties for friends
  • and another nephew birthday date! 

j u n
  • a packed month with nephew stays
  • box sitting
  • gender reveals (not pictured)
  • birthday parties
  • visits from my babes
  • precious moments with the grands
  • bird watching
  • volunteering and roller coasters
  • and the last nephew birthday date of the year

j u l
  • some pool days
  • some fireworks
  • a paid decorating gig
  • sweet nephew time
  • a Busch Gardens day with Rend Collective
  • an uncle's birthday
  • coffee shop studying
  • and moving the sister and babies into their new digs!

a u g
  • some family time in some tense moments
  • sister dates
  • baby showers
  • nephew's second birthday, M&M theme!
  • sidewalk lettering
  • coloring with some awesome kiddos
  • back full time with the bugs!

s e p
  • two beach trips
  • amazing memories with family and friends
  • the beautiful wedding of my aforementioned favorite student

o c t
  • playing in the little house in the woods
  • filling an order for the first time in months
  • donut dates with nephew number 4
  • the birth of niece number two
  • playing outside with the lady during the last days of warmth
  • finally finding a skincare routine that works
  • and rare days at home

n o v
  • chalkboard gig 
  • precious moments with the grands
  • rare family dinners because of broken gelato machines
  • finding a gem in the way of personal quiet time
  • national adoption day
  • a second paid decorating gig
  • my 6th craft fair
  • time with the sisters and babes! 

d e c

  •  Behold the Lamb of God concert
  • Christmas parades
  • Bethlehem traditions
  • decorating
  • chocolate covered babies
  • fun Christmas weddings
  • sister dates
  • and saying good bye to my precious mamaw

So long 2017! Thank you Jesus for these last 300 plus days. May the coming 12 months be what will bring You glory!